Gigolo jobs in Delhi

Gigolo jobs in Delhi

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Gigolo jobs in Delhi There is no denying that the sex industry is a controversial topic. Whether you think it should be legal or not, there are people who are willing to pay for sexual services. And in Delhi, one of the most popular places to find such services is through gigolo jobs. Gigolo jobs are essentially men who are hired to provide sexual services to clients.

This can involve anything from stripping and dancing to actual sex. And while there are some gigolo jobs who do this willingly, there are others who are forced into it against their will. In this blog post, we will explore the call boy industry in Delhi. We will look at the reasons why people get involved in it, the dangers they face, and what is being done to help those who are trapped in it.

What is a gigolo jobs?

A gigolo jobs is a male prostitution job. It involves providing sexual services to clients in exchange for money. Gigolo jobs typically work in hotels, bars, or nightclubs. They may also advertise their services online.

Gigolo jobs must be able to meet the physical demands of their clients, which may include engaging in sexual activity for extended periods of time. They must also be able to maintain confidentiality and discretion, as well as comply with any safety regulations set by their employer.

How to find gigolo jobsin Delhi

Assuming you’re a man looking for gigolo jobsin Delhi:

There are a few ways to go about finding work as a call boy in Delhi. The first is to contact an agency that specializes in arranging these types of encounters. There are several agencies operating in Delhi, so doing a quick online search should turn up a few options.

Another way to find work as a call boy is to contact establishments that offer sexual services and inquire about open positions. This includes places like massage parlours, spas, and brothels. Again, a quick online search should reveal some relevant leads.

Finally, it’s also possible to find work by word of mouth. If you know someone who has already worked as a call boy or who knows somebody who does, they may be able to put you in touch with the right people. This can be the most effective way to find work, but it can also be the most difficult, so it’s worth exhausting all other avenues first.

What are the benefits of being a call boy in Delhi?

The benefits of being a call boy in Delhi are numerous. First and foremost, you can earn a great deal of money. Gigolo jobs in Delhi charge between Rs. 2000-5000 per hour, and sometimes even more depending on their clientele. This means that you can easily make upwards of Rs. 1 lakh per month just by working a few hours each day! Secondly, the work is extremely flexible and you can choose your own hours. This is perfect for students or anyone else who has a busy lifestyle. Lastly, you get to meet new and interesting people from all walks of life, which can be both fun and educational.

Male escort

If you are looking for a good way to earn some extra money then you should try getting into the male escort jobs in Delhi. There are many girls in the city who are willing to spend a few hours with you to get laid. This job can be fun and rewarding.

The female population in Delhi is high, which means that there are a lot of women who are seeking a male escort for sexual services. There are also gigolo jobs who are paid by rich people for sexual favors.

If you are interested in getting into the male escort jobs, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. You can start by searching for an escort agency online. Once you find a reputable agency, you can contact their representatives to learn more about the job.

You can choose to work with an escort agency or go independent. Both options are great. An agency will provide you with clients and contacts, but you can also go independent if you want to earn more money.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will be able to enjoy the experience of sex with a gorgeous lady. Some escort agencies offer a wide variety of sex sessions, from a one-on-one session to an intense sex session. Some agencies also offer group sex, threesomes and blowjobs.

If you are interested in getting involved in the male escort jobs in Delhi, you should be prepared for the challenge. There are many men in the market and the job can be tough. However, if you are a strong guy and are willing to do it, then you can make it happen.

There are a number of places in Delhi where you can hire male escorts. These include Malabar Hill, Borivli, Dharavi and Andheri. Once you have contacted a male escort agency, you can expect them to send you clients. You will then be able to meet them in your area. The best part about working with an escort agency is that you will receive a very good salary.

What to expect when working as a call boy

Working as a call boy can be a thrilling and exciting experience. You will get to meet new people, learn new things, and make a great income. However, there are a few things you should expect when working as a call boy.

First and foremost, you should expect to be well-paid for your services. Gigolo jobs are in high demand, and you can easily charge upwards of Rs. 2000 per hour for your services. Of course, the more experienced and popular you are, the more you can charge.

Secondly, you should expect to have a lot of fun! Working as a call boy can be an incredibly exhilarating experience. You will get to meet new people, explore new places, and have some amazing experiences. Just remember to be safe and always use protection!

Lastly, you should expect to keep your personal life private. When working as a call boy, it is important to remember that discretion is key. Your clients will not want their names or faces plastered all over the internet or in the newspapers. Therefore, it is important to respect their privacy and keep everything confidential.

Alternatives to being a call boy

There are many other options for those seeking gigolo jobs in Delhi. Some of these include:

• escort services: these provide companionship for events or outings, and can be found through online directories or word-of-mouth.

• body rub services: these offer massages with a happy ending, and can be found through online directories or word-of-mouth.

• strip clubs: these offer a sexualized environment where you can dance and potentially earn money through tips. They can be found in most major cities.

Each of these options has its own pros and cons, so it’s important to do your research before deciding which route is right for you.

The different types of gigolo jobsin Delhi

When it comes to finding a gigolo jobs in Delhi, there are a few different options available. Here is a look at the different types of gigolo jobs in Delhi:

1. Escort Services: There are many escort services available in Delhi. These services will usually have a website where you can browse through the different escorts that they have available. You can then contact the service and book an appointment with the escort of your choice.

2. Personal Ads: Another option for finding a gigolo jobs in Delhi is to look through the personal ads section in the local newspapers or online. There are usually plenty of ads from people looking for gigolo jobs. You can contact these people directly and arrange to meet up with them.

3. Clubs and Bars: Many clubs and bars in Delhi also hire gigolo jobs to work at their establishment. This is usually done on a freelance basis, so you will need to contact the club or bar directly to inquire about availability.

4. Online Services: There are also many online services that offer gigolo jobsin Delhi. These services will often have websites where you can browse through the different escorts that they have available. You can then contact the service and book an appointment with the escort of your choice.


There are many gigolo jobs in Delhi, and if you are looking for a way to make some quick money, then this could be the perfect option for you. There are a few things to keep in mind when applying for these types of jobs, but if you follow our tips then you should have no problem securing a position. Thanks for reading and good luck!